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Whisper Bidet


311 total reviews

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"This Bidet is the sh**!"
– Joseph, Verified Customer

A tiny shower for your butt.®

The Whisper Bidet is a sleek, simple-to-use and install bidet that easily attaches to your toilet at home, just under the seat (round or elongated), and leaves you feeling shower-clean.

Twist knob, rinse clean, dab dry, and you're done!

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        Customer Service

        Whisper prides itself on friendly, no-nonsense, customer service and will promptly get back to you for any questions at

        1-Year Warranty

        Every Whisper is carefully tested before shipment and we will promptly remedy product defects for one year from the date of sale.

        60-Day Trial

        Cleanest poop of your life or your money back 60-day risk-free trial. Just send it back within 60-days of the purchase date for a full refund. Available to customers with U.S. addresses if requested.

        Product Features

        Self-Cleaning Mode

        Use the nozzle rinse mode to conveniently wash the exterior of the sprayer.

        Anti-Microbial Plastic

        Made with high-quality plastics containing an integrated and active ingredient which limits microbial growth.

        Full-Length Spray Shield

        Whisper's nozzle sprayer is fully protected from debris and splash back, ensuring it remains untouched, and perfectly clean.

        Water Pressure Control

        You're in complete control of the water stream – just twist the dial to find your preferred setting.

        High-Quality Parts

        Whisper includes a high-quality white water supply hose to blend in with your bathroom and a metal T-adapter for better bathroom aesthetics and overall quality.

        No Electricity/Plumbing

        Whisper is 100% hydro-powered and can be installed by anyone without special tools, electricity, or plumbing equipment. It's the cleanest and most eco-friendly way to do your business.

        Soft-Water Sprayer

        The nozzle sprayer was designed with your rear in mind – too narrow and the water can feel sharp, too wide and the stream is off target. Whisper's water stream feels wonderful and is right on target.

        Easy 10-Minute Mount

        Whisper's slidable mounting brackets fits most standard toilet's right out of the box in just 10-minutes with minimal effort — See Installation Page for more installation info or email

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 311 reviews
        Roy Nichols (Castro Valley, US)
        It will clean

        Ho you get clean alright but be ready for that cold blast of water the first time. It does take some getting used to. But I still give it 4stars

        William Paugh (Nampa, US)
        Good for the price

        Glad I didn't spend any more for the Whisper Bidet. Needs to have an adjustable nozzle angle. Otherwise it is good. pressure is good.

        Jane Fash
        Great bathroom addition for a few bucks!

        I had it professionally installed, as was less than confident about my plumbing skills!
        Being European, bidets are standard , but as in the realm of washing machines, Americans are still in the dark ages. Am very pleased with this little device

        Michael Searle (Phoenix, US)
        Great product and easy to install.

        Works great - wish I had got one a long time ago. The way inflation is going what you save on Toilet rolls will pay for it pretty fast!

        Bethany Wilcox (Broken Arrow, US)

        Wowowow. I am so mad at myself for going 33 years of my life without having a bidet. Not just any bidet — the Whisper Bidet is world class, super simple to install/use, and hands down the best buy I have done in years. I have since then gifted 4 of these to friends/family and they are also just as excited because their experience is just as positive as mine has been. You won’t go wrong here — simply buy it now you will NOT be disappointed!!!!

        John Enders (Fresno, US)

        Absolutely wonderful. I could not be more satisfied. Thank you.

        Ashleigh Nelson (Chicago, US)
        Best thing ever!

        I love my bidet! Its the best thing ever and its something i never knew i needed! Super easy setup and sleek design:)

        John Plesa (Gualala, US)
        The best $80 I have ever spent.

        This thing has been a game changer for me. After thinking about it for years, this price point convinced me to give it a try, and now I’m sold.

        Kimberly Tallarico (Columbus, US)
        My Fiancé Comment

        "I don't think my butt has ever been this clean."

        Mary Sondgerath (Saint Augustine, US)

        Was for my mother in law who suffers from UTI