Installing Whisper

Whisper can be installed in 10-minutes by anyone without special tools or electricity. See installation guide for specific details and the Fit Guide (FAQ) for compatibility.

1. Turn water supply completely off.

2. Empty all water from toilet tank.

3. Unscrew water supply hose.

4. Place flat black washer in T-adapter.

5. Screw T-adapter to toilet tank.

6. Screw water supply hose to T-adapter.

7. Screw Whisper hose to T-adapter.

8. Screw Whisper hose to Whisper.

9. Flip seat caps up.

10. Unscrew seat fastener.

11. Remove toilet seat.

12. Place Whisper on toilet bowl.

13. Place toilet seat on Whisper.

14. Screw seat fastener back on.

15. Close seat caps.

16. Turn water supply on.

17. Test water.

Feel Incredibly Clean

No more relentless, wasteful, wiping. Just twist the knob beside the bowl to rinse your hole.

Get Whisper

"I have a happy hiney now!"

"Install was a breeze and the quick explanation of fixes for common problems was spot-on! I was up and running in less than 20 minutes and this included a thorough cleaning while the seat was off. My wife is very pleased and my rear-end enjoys the gentle cleaning the bidet provides. Thanks for a great all-around experience!"

-Jeff McDonald