A tiny
for your

100% Refundable, 60-day trial

Whisper Bidet
Whisper Bidet
Whisper Bidet
Whisper Bidet

Whisper Bidet



Feel the life-changing delight of a shower-clean hiney plus none of the waste or irritation from wiping. Rinse clean, dab dry, and you’re done!


Extra-Thin, Easy-Install Mounting Brackets

Self-Cleaning Nozzle + Hygiene Guard

Elevated Design + High-Quality Parts

Precise, Mess-Free Soft-Water Sprayer

100% Refundable, 60-Day Risk-Free Trial

        "Best thing ever, can not
        believe how much I love this thing."


        “I used to use baby wipes and toilet paper, but this bidet makes me wonder how I ever thought I was clean before. I love it!!!!!"


        Connect in
        10 minutes.

        No special tools or electricity.
        All parts included.

        “Directions are idiot-proof"


        Use 80%
        less TP.

         Whisper pays for itself in
        toilet paper savings. Save your
        cash and the trees.

        “5 people in our home and all love this product.”


        Make your
        hiney shiny.

        If poop got anywhere else on your
        body you wouldn't just wipe it off
        with paper, you'd use water.

        “Like a kiss pried from Poseidon's forbidden lips, after a spicy bowl of chili, nothing is better.”


        Full-Length Nozzle Guard

        The nozzle sprayer is protected from debris and splash back, ensuring it remains untouched, and perfectly clean.


        Self-Cleaning Mode

        The settings are simple. The NOZZLE setting activates the self-cleaning mode, and the REAR setting rinses your rear.


        Auto-Retracting Nozzle

        The nozzle lowers into position automatically during use, delivering a perfectly angled stream of water where you need it. Women can tilt their body forward to rinse their front.