It's like a tiny
shower for
your butt.

Makes it shine
where the
sun don't.

Cleans every
nook in your

Hello Bathroom-Goer,
Meet Whisper.

A sleek, hands-free, butt-cleaning device (bidet) designed to fit just under your toilet seat so you can get shower clean in seconds.

Treat yo butt.

Treat yo butt like any other body part and rinse that shit off. Wiping leaves behind poo particles that hide in the nooks of your cranny. Rid yourself of these horrible little turd hitchhikers and start making a clean getaway.

Easily the smartest/best
purchase of my entire 2017.

No other throne can suffice. Bravo, guys, bravo!
—Ryan M.


Incredible!! Life Changing!!
My roommates were skeptical at first, but after one use everyone was immediately converted to the bidet lifestyle.
—Nicholas W.


Clean Butts Forever
this is the best way to clean your butt, hands down. No more endless wiping!
—Josh C.



Whisper Bidet

Whisper Bidet has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 30 reviews.

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Whisper fits under your toilet seat and provides a refreshing stream of water so you can make a clean getaway every time.

Three nozzle hygiene features (self-cleaning mode, full-length nozzle guard, and auto-retracting nozzle) keep the nozzle 100% clean while you're doing the dirty.

It's the number 1 way to go number 2!

  • Premium water on/off dial
  • Extra thin body (.375") for a better fit
  • Simple 10-min install, no electricity required
  • Self-cleaning mode

      Connect in
      10 minutes.

      Whisper fits on most of toilets. If you can remove the seat and have access to the tank water inlet, you can install Whisper right out of the box in 10 minutes. Check the FAQ for simple solutions to unique toilets.

      You'll use 80% less TP.


      Save Your Money

      Use just a few squares of toilet paper to dab
      dry and no need to buy costly wet wipes.

      Save Your Health

      It's cleaner, more hygenic, soothes discomforts like hemorrhoids, and helps prevent UTIs.

      Save The Planet

      Using wads of soft toilet paper is worse than driving a Hummer—wet wipes are even worse.


      Fit Guide

      Whisper's thin design connects to common two-piece toilets with round or elongated bowls and some one-pieces toilets. See installation GIFs or FAQ for more details.

      Full-Length Nozzle Guard

      The full-length nozzle guard protects the nozzle from falling derbis insuring everything remains clean, even while you're doing the dirty.

      Self-cleaning/Rear Wash

      Use the NOZZLE setting to activate the self-cleaning feature and REAR to rinse every nook in your cranny.

      Auto-Retracting Nozzle

      The water nozzle automatically lowers into position during use delivering a perfectly angled stream of water where you need it.