It's like a tiny
shower for
your butt.

Makes it shine
where the
sun don't.

Cleans every
nook in your

Hello Bathroom-Goer,
Meet Whisper.

A sleek, hands free, butt-cleaning device (bidet), designed to fit under your toilet seat – so, you can get shower clean in seconds.

Easily the smartest/best
purchase of my entire 2017.

No other throne can suffice. Bravo, guys, bravo!
—Ryan M.


Incredible!! Life Changing!!
My roommates were skeptical at first, but after one use everyone was immediately converted to the bidet lifestyle.
—Nicholas W.


Clean Butts Forever
this is the best way to clean your butt, hands down. No more endless wiping!
—Josh C.


Treat yo' butt like any other body part.

If you got poo anywhere else on your body, you wouldn’t just wipe it off. You’d wash it off. Until every last poo particle was gone. Why should your butt be different? Rid yourself from those little brown hitchhikers, and start making a clean getaway, every time.



Whisper Bidet

Whisper Bidet has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 50 reviews.

Make a clean getaway every time!

Whisper is a sleek, simple to use bidet that attaches to toilets in 10 minutes without special tools or electricity. Think of it like a tiny shower just for your butt.

Fresh, clean water comes directly from the water supply using the included adapter. The sprayer, in combination with a protective guard, is angled perfectly to do the dirty work while remaining 100% clean – pat dry, and you're done. You’ll feel dramatically cleaner than wiping without the ongoing cost, waste, or irritation.

  • Sleek, extra thin body (.375")
  • No electricity required
  • Full-length nozzle guard
  • Self-cleaning mode

      Full-Length Nozzle Guard

      The nozzle sprayer is protected from debris and splash back, ensuring it remains untouched, and perfectly clean.


      Self-Cleaning Mode

      The settings are simple. The NOZZLE setting activates the self-cleaning mode, and the REAR setting rinses your rear.


      Auto-Retracting Nozzle

      The nozzle lowers into position automatically during use, delivering a perfectly angled stream of water where you need it. Women can tilt their body forward to rinse their front.

      You'll use 80% less TP.


      Save Your Cash

      You’re flushing money down the toilet. Use only a few squares of TP to dab dry, and never buy wet wipes again.


      Save Your Booty

      Wiping creates micro-cuts. Bleaching and softening chemicals irritate the skin. Water is cleaner, more hygienic, soothes discomforts like hemorrhoids, and helps prevent UTIs.


      Save The Planet

      Wiping with wads of toilet paper is worse than driving a Hummer—wet wipes are even worse.


      Connect in
      10 minutes.

      If you have hands and a screwdriver, you can change your life. Check out the installation GIFs to see how it's done.