100% Water Power Clean.

Set up in 10-mins by anyone. No special tools or electricity needed. Rinse clean, dab dry, and you're done!

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"How did I live so long without this thing!"

—Arthur M.

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A tiny shower for your butt.®

A sleek, simple-to-use and install bidet that fits neatly under your seat so you can get shower-clean.

Think about it, if poop got anywhere else, would toilet paper be enough?

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“This bidet is the sh**!!!!”

–Joseph L.

Connect in 10-minutes.

No special tools or electricity required. All parts included.

“Really clear instructions with pictures that walk you through install...”
–Jak N

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Shower-clean every time.

If poop got anywhere else on your body you wouldn't just wipe it off with paper, you'd use water.

“Makes your butt so clean you could eat off it. Literally.”
– Eric

Get Clean

Use 80% less toilet paper.

Whisper pays for itself in toilet paper savings. Save your cash and the trees.

“This is a no brainer, save money, save paper, save trees.”
– Bill

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If you poop into a bowl, rinse your hole.


Where does the water come from?

The water comes from the freshwater supply on the wall behind your toilet. It is the same water you brush your teeth with.

The included 3-way adapter connects to the water inlet on your toilet tank and splits the incoming water.

Check out the installation GIFs or the installation guide for more details.

Do I still need toilet paper?

Most use 2-3 squares to dab dry. Some people use a dedicated towel.

From our customers:

“I use consistently 1/3 of the TP I previously did with a much cleaner feeling rear.”

Will it fit my toilet?

Almost certainly yes. And it only takes about 10-minutes to set things up – it's just a bit of screwing off and back on.

See our installation guide for more info or email customer support some pictures of your toilet and water connection: support@whisperbidets.com

And we offer no-nonsense customer support and helpful solutions to quirky toilets. Or if you're not happy, send it back within 60-days for a 100% refund.

From our customers:

“Directions are idiot-proof.”
–Anthony C.

“Really clear instructions with pictures that walk you through install...”
–Jak N.

“Only takes about 10 minutes and you’re on your way!”
–Kaycee H.

What is the temperature of the water?

Ambient water temperature–because the water sits in the pipes in your walls and the hose it's more ambient temperature and feels refreshing.

From our customers:

"Cold water only turned out to be a non-issue. It works every bit as well as the porcelain fixtures that we once had. Excellent product!"

–Anthony C.


"Cold water shooting to a place heretofore never having water of any kind shot... I just wasn't sure. With careful control of water intensity, I of course found the worries groundless. These things are great."

–David F.


"I thought the cold water would be a problem - nope! The installation is easy. I ordered a second one for our other bathroom."

–Ruth S.