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Great product!!

I’m so happy I found this company and purchased a bidet for 2 of 3 toilets in my new home. I don’t know how I ever lived without one.

Swish, swish. No more ish!

Never thought I wanted one.
Never thought I needed one
Now we have 2.

Helps with laundry too!!!

In a house with a 7, 6 and 5 year olds sometimes the ol’ underoos can get a lil skiddy. After showing the kiddos how to use the whisper I have noticed less staining in their “unmentionables”. Would definitely and have recommended whisper for adults and kids.

Better Than Expected

My husband and I are very pleased with the bidet. He had anticipated that it would be too forceful and too cold, and he was determined not to use it. However, after I convinced him to try, he has said that buying it was one of the best ideas I have had.

It’s about time!

I’ve wanted a bidet for years and finally bought the is perfect! Slim, unobtrusive, easy to to install, and oh so clean!!!!

Great bidet

For someone like me, with no easy way to have an electric outlet near the toilet, a simple water-only bidet is the most sensible. The Whisper bidet works great. Easy to install, simple to operate.

Revitalized My Down Under

Universal rinse for tidying and refreshing at any and all opportunities. Prefer going commando, so keeping well rinsed and refreshed is particularly relevant. Absolutely LOVE IT!

Love this bidet!

Simple to install, simple to use. No fussy heated seats or needless jets. It does the job perfectly.

Great Product

The Whisper Bidet is the answer for anyone wanting a bidet and not wishing to buy a new toilet. It works flawlessly.

Works Great

Though my husband and I had our doubts, we (especially him) really likes the Whisper Bidet. It's easy to install and doesn't require any wiring (though I think drying my toosh might be a good upgrade ;)

Great product

Got one for Christmas. Loved it so much we bought them for most toilets in both houses. Never felt cleaner. Great idea and great product.

One for every toilet

I was so thrilled to find this I bought one for every "seat" in the house! As promised, they were easy to install, though I needed to purchase a new supply line for each location. The adapter that comes with the Whisper will add length to the supply line connection, so you either need to shorten it or purchase a new one. After looking over the Whisper marketing material, I thought this was a one of a kind product. I was disappointed to see some time later, though, that the Whisper isn't unique. There are other, nearly identical products on the market that attach under the seat, all for about the same price. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't seem as though this is the first of its kind.

This bidet has so much pressure it shoots across the room! To use it I have to barely turn it on. Wish it wasn’t so enthusiastic! I sent an email regarding this and never heard back.

Hey Kathleen, thank you for the feedback. Water pressure does vary by household and the manual recommends turning the water dial slowly on your first rinse to find your preferred setting. Those with hairy holes tend to need a bit more water pressure to clean through the overgrowth while others need a lighter touch only needing to turn the dial a little. Sorry we didn't receive your email. We happily reply to every customer service email before their next deuce Mon-Fri at

Keep it clean,

Once you use a Whisper bidet, there is no other way!

LOVE my bidet! Wish I would have came across Whisper bidets earlier. This is my first bidet and I am very happy with it!

Love my bidet!

We love our bidet! My husband had no trouble installing it and we were surprised by how much we liked it. We had never used one before but we feel so much cleaner now that we have one.


Every home should have one. Easy to use

Love It!!

Easy to install, easy to clean and a great product all around.

Whisper Bidet


Great item

5 people in our home and all love this product.

Husband loves the clean feeling

Which we had purchased one a long time ago .
Such a more clean feeling and feshness

Works as advertised. Cleanest rear end in town!

Can't imagine living without one now. I've owned one for a while now and ordered one for my son in law for Christmas. When he opened it, there were parts missing. I emailed the company (on Christmas Eve!) and received a reply immediately with a code for a new replacement. That's what I call excellent customer service. Cannot recommend this butt washer highly enough!

Hurray for the Bidet

When my wife suggested that we get one of these, I was reluctant. But, now, I have to say I love our Whisper Bidet. As a guy who grew up using an outdoor toilet and pages out of catalogues, I thought we had experienced enough luxury with indoor plumbing and soft tissue. Nothing feels much better than the soft water wash of a bidet. I am very thankful that my wife wasn’t satisfied, and wanted one of these. Thank you.

Super dooper pooper

It really is fantastic, i highly recommended this product. I have been burned by internet products in the past but this is very good! No doubt about it.

Squeaky clean!

Easy to install. Entertaining and easy to follow directions. Easy to use. Bought for my husband for Christmas. He thought it was a gag gift but gave it a try and is quite surprised how much he likes it!