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Super dooper pooper

It really is fantastic, i highly recommended this product. I have been burned by internet products in the past but this is very good! No doubt about it.

Squeaky clean!

Easy to install. Entertaining and easy to follow directions. Easy to use. Bought for my husband for Christmas. He thought it was a gag gift but gave it a try and is quite surprised how much he likes it!

Best thing ever

Can not believe how much I love this thing. Easy to install. I’m buying a second one just as back up so I never go with out.

Butt shower

Never used one before and I will never go back to the old way.It’s just makes sense. If your hands get dirty you don’t just wipe them off. You get water involved. Definitely getting a second one for my second bathroom.

On Target Every Time

My backside will never be the same. Do your booty a favor, bless it with a post-deuce power-wash. You will not regret it.

Like a kiss pried from Poseidon's forbidden lips.

Let me start a preface: I eat a lot of chili. I love the stuff, can't get enough. As I am writing this, I actually have a bowl of chicken chili in front of me. My poops reflect this fact.
My wife has described my poops as an orchestra of bellows, squeaks, gurgling and squelches; like a cacophony of demons fights overhead while elephants fight off man sized mice in knee deep mud. That's merely the audio, actually passing my poo is similar to loading my schute with a slug buckshot rotation; spewing feces like a clogged truck stop bathroom followed by resonant "plop." My poops should qualify as a health hazard to people within 250 yards.
That being said, no matter how much abuse my chocolate starfish goes through, the gentle rinse of cool water is like a breath of life to my abused anus. After a spicy bowl of chili, nothing is better. Leaves my poop chute feeling clean, refreshed, and ready for another bowl of chili. Also the bowl rinse makes cleaning a breeze.

Pleasantly surprised

Easily installed and works.. the aim is somehow right on the $.

Nice and clean

This item works wonders. No need of paper, just dry with cloth.

Whisper bidet

Very efficient. Is very satisfied

Clean Booty

Makes your butt so clean you could eat off it. Literally.

Refreshing and clean

We had initial issues installing but the customer service rep helped us figure out a fix. We are so happy too because this is so much better than I would have thought! I’ve never used a bidet before and I can see us using a lot less toilet paper = less waste. 🌲 Great product!

Clean hinny..

My wife has Parkinson's and she has problems with getting her hinny clean. Well the Whisper has done her a very big favor. Thank you..

Clean as a whistle!

Chad, I was a bit skeptical about your Whisper Bidet kit. I have a very strong electrical/mechanical/pipe fitting/fabrication background and I am very picky about the function and appearance of a finished product especially involving my DIY newly remodeled bathroom.
I appreciate the bidet from an engineering aspect. I know much thought and calculations go in to something like this. Well done!
As a consumer I’m very happy with a clean keister! Very simple and clean design. When the lid is closed all that shows is the valve. Nicely done!

A need to be Clean!!

The Whisper is the answer for a clean butt. It was easy to assemble and works flawlessly. After using, there is no doubt if my butt is clean. I highly recommend it and you will not be disappointed. Once you try it, there is no going back. Everything else seems uncivilized.

Great product and service!

Satisfaction & clean

Very satisfied. Family came to visit, laughing at first. Then saying I'm buying one. Very easy to instal & quality product.
I'm not understanding the horizontal water flow. Water runs down. Up works great

Whisper Bidet

Super Clean

As advertised. Very simple to install and good quality. Our first Whisper Bidet but not our last.

Clean Down Under

And no...we don’t live in Australia. Love the Whisper! No more talking...just whispers. :-)

Better than sliced bread

After numerous surgeries on my neck, I no longer have range of motion with my arms, add being over weight and I can tell you I have not been able to properly wipe myself for many years. My Whispers Bidet has totally changed that!
I can now, clean myself better than ever before! I wish I would have had this product 18 years ago after my Laryngectomy!
I am truly grateful for this Whispers bidet. It has been life changing for me. I can’t thank you enough!
My Best,
Mr. Clean.

Its a must have

My wife wanted one for a long time when i saw hoe compact and smooth the whisper is I purchased it love it

like both very much!!!


Very easy to set up, great product.
Highly recommended

Easy butt clean

I love my Whisper Bidet. I’ve had back surgery in the past making it very difficult to get clean after a BM. Now I use my Bidet and I feel so clean it’s a joy to eliminate now. The bidet is quiet and has enough pressure to give me a thorough clean. It was easy to install and doesn’t look awkward on the side of the bowl. Would definitely recommend to anyone that is interested in a great bidet or anyone that had back surgery.


I love it - nothing better - going to purchase another one or two !