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I don't know why I didn't order one sooner!

After using this for about a month I don't understand why I took so long to get one! I've never felt cleaner and I've been saving a bunch on wet wipes and toilet paper already! Definitely recommend!

Whisper Bidet

Good quality product. Works as advertised, I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Great product, easy install, works like a champ.

I never thought I would be interested in a bidet, but I saw it on a You Tube video and decided to try it. It works great and was simple to install. I would suggest that before you try to install one, make sure you have a flexible water supply tube and a couple of extra toilet seat bolts. It is simple to install if you have these on hand and you can save yourself some trips to the hardware store all for about $5. I agree the installation is simple and should only take about 20 - 30 minutes - if you have a flexible supply line and you don't break a toilet seat bolt like I did. Thanks for a well engineered product that is reasonably priced.

Love our bidet!

Plan to get a second bidet because we want one in both bathrooms.

Clean as a whistle!

Like the old saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it”, this is for all you naysayers and skeptics out there. Try it and you’ll never look back. I put one in both of my bathrooms and my wife and I love them. No more monkey butt!

A Whole New World

I had never used a bidet before, a friend mentioned getting one so I did my research and, since I'm a renter, getting one that was transferable was the go. My Whisper is awesome, love how it cuts down on waste and it was insanely easy to install. Highly recommend!


We are so glad we found the Whisper. We feel much cleaner and use much less toilet paper. Our butts thank you.

Don’t know how we lived without it

I have had the whisper bidet for a few months now and absolutely love it. I bought it after watching some random YouTube video thinking that I may use it a few times and the novelty would wear off. I was wrong. My husband even said “I thought that was the stupidest purchase you’ve made but I don’t know how I ever pooped before”. He even talks about reaching for it when he goes at other places. We have saved so much toilet paper and I no longer panic when we’re on the last package. If you are even thinking about buying the bidet just do it. You will not regret it.

Bidet's are awesome!

Great price and it works great! Everyone in the family loves it, says it makes them feel cleaner after doing their business. Only issue I had was the need to shim the hinges on the toilet seat so it sits flat against the bowl. It wasn't readily noted in the assembly manual about the possibility of needing these shims in some instances (I had to dig a bit in the literature in FAQ's to find it). Would be nice to have them included but otherwise everything assembled as advertised and is working great!

Good product

Love this product. Easy to install. Works great. Only issue i had was that I installed the unit in the guest bathroom and one of my guests forgot to turn it off and it flooded my home because it was on the clean mode all night. Wish it had a sign like "on off on" on the dile and a shut off valve if i have lots of guests over or little kids around.

Great Purchase

One of the undiscussed necessities for a house. I would highly recommend the Whisper. It is easy to use and at a good price.

Loving it!

Saw this on the you tube channel “men try”. I knew immediately this was something my husband needed. So i bought this for my husband for his bday.:)
So far we are loving it. It was easy to install. Now I look forward to a good sit in, and I feel much better about my paper waste.

Love it 🚽

Been wanting a bidet for years but thought I had to have a separate toilet and a expensive remodel. Didn’t know these existed so when I saw them on YouTube I ordered it right away. Love it so much. Life changer.

I don't know how i did it without this

This is the best invention ever. Just wish they had them in public restrooms also. No more dirty bum.

Butt is clean and refreshed

Glad we purchased this bidet, works as it should and will pay for itself quickly from toilet paper savings. Has to be good for the septic system also. Plan on getting a couple more for other bathrooms.

We love you

It works great and really easy to install but love it. Thanks to men try we decided to go for it after much hesitation

Love it!

Absolutely love this product! My only complaint is we cant get it to set completely flush with the toilet like shown. So the lid is always slightly propped up. Otherwise it surpassed my expectations!


Shipping was really fast. Set up was super easy and the instructions were hilarious. Best purchase we’ve made in a long time!

Bidet For Mommy & Me!

I know how much my mom loves a squeaky clean behind, so I introduced her to this bidet. She’s never heard of such a thing, but loves her new bidet! I also bought it because my brother blows through toilet paper like a mad man. So when I set out the new rules and showed him how to use it, his 10 year old tush also enjoyed the nerf gun experience. Because I didn’t want to get left behind (pun intended) I bought myself one. And now I’m a bidet believer.

Feeling Clean without a Washer

The clean feeling is amazing! I installed in yesterday and immediately tried it out. I would definitely recommend it.

The only down side was one of the black rubber seals was too large for our toilet so we couldn't get the pipe on with it. It's working fine without right now.


Your product is wonderful and your customer service is even better ; )

Super easy to setup

I can't believe how easy this was to install. We love it!

Great idea

I was apprehensive at first about getting a bidet. Then the box arrived and I was apprehensive about being able to install it. The ease of installation was great! It took less than 20 minutes and the water was flowing. This bidet is a wonderful thing.

I don't want to live without it.

I love it. It's easy to install and works great. I've never felt cleaner. Best of all in cases of GI distress its less irritating than TP alone. My only question now is why I didn't get one sooner.

Shower for your bum

LOVE :heart:️ this bidet... I was a little skeptical about this at first but after many uses I am in love. I feel so clean and fresh, it’s like my bum is getting a shower. It was super easy to install , maybe 15 minutes or so. I am going to have to purchase one for every toilet in my house.