Hello Bathroom-Goer.

For those of you who placed a pre-order and are wondering when you order will be shipping, this update is for you:

COVID-19 caused a ripple of significant compounding delays, without notice, across each step of the supply chain. I know this must be frustrating to wait longer than expected and I really hate not being able to ship your order at the originally targeted date for pre-orders, but please know we're doing everything we can to get your order to you as fast as possible. 

In situations like this, I prefer to exercise a level of transparency. The current timeline is as follows: Our shipping container is scheduled to arrive at The Port of Long Beach in California on June 29th. From there it will clear customs, be unloaded, and trucked to our fulfillment center by July 4th. The fulfillment center is projected to complete the inventory intake by July 10th. And your order will immediately be processed and picked up by a domestic carrier in the days that follow. At that point, a tracking email will be sent to the email you provided at purchase.

I hope this transparency helps and really can't wait to get a Whisper on your toilet, it's truly life-changingly better than wiping!

Thank you for your continued patience and your pre-order. We are a small growing business and It has allowed us to hire three new employees.


Chad O'Connell


For all other inquires please send us a message: