Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does Whisper connect?
Whisper attaches just under the toilet seat and connects to the fresh water supply next to your toilet with an included water adapter. Check out the installation GIFs or the installation guide for more details.

2. What types of toilets can Whisper attach to?
Whisper attaches to almost any toilet. Everything is included in the box to connect to the common two-piece toilet with round or elongated bowls as well as some one-piece toilets. See the Fit Guide below for more details.

3. How do I use Whisper?
Turn the water dial toward 'Rear' and rinse for about 8-15 seconds (slightly leaning forward and backward to thoroughly clean the target), dab dry with a few squares of toilet paper, and you're done.

4. Is it sanitary for multiple people to use the same bidet?
Yes. Whisper is designed to always be clean and hygienic. Whisper's self-cleaning, auto-retracting nozzle and full-length nozzle guard ensure your Whisper remains clean.

5. Can I rinse my vagina safely?
Yes. Turn the water on low with your body leaning slightly forward. Rinsing with water is an effective way to remove bacteria as compared to wiping which can leave bacteria behind causing irritation.

6. Does Whisper require electricity?
Nope. It's entirely powered by water. Whisper is the greenest and cleanest way to clean your butt. 

7. What is the temperature of the water?
It's cool/room temperature water and feels refreshing.


Fit Guide

Whisper fits on most toilets, but to be sure check that you have access to the water inlet extending from the tank of your toilet and that you can fully remove your toilet seat. If you can do that you can install Whisper in about 10 minutes. 



1. How do I install Whisper if my water supply hose is a hard pipe?

If your water supply line is a hard pipe you'll just need to swap it out for a flexible hose. This can be done in minutes. To be 100% sure of compatibility, check with your local hardware store.

2. How do I install Whisper if I don't have access to the water inlet on my toilet?
If you don't have access to the water inlet on your toilet you'll need to purchase this T-adapter which connects to the water supply valve on the wall instead of the water inlet on your toilet. Standard water supply valves use a 3/8" fitting. To be 100% sure of compatibility, check with your local hardware store.  



Whisper Specifications

1. What are Whisper's measurements?
Whisper is .375" thin. And if your toilet is in a tight space measure from the center point of your toilet to the right (Right if you are sitting on your toilet, and left if you are facing it.) You need 11.25 inches from that center point for Whisper to fit.

2. What are the T-adapter specifications?
The T-adapter is a three-way connector (7/8" x 3/8" x 3/8") that connect to your toilet tank's water inlet. It splits the water coming from the fresh water supply to the Whisper and to the toilet. If you don't have access to the water inlet on your toilet you'll need to purchase this T-adapter which connects to the water supply valve on the wall. Standard water supply valves use a 3/8" fitting. To be 100% sure of compatibility, check with your local hardware store.

3. What are the hose specifications?
The hose is 24" long with 3/8" brass inlets on each end.


Installation Help

Click here to see installation guide or here to see the installation GIFs. If you can't find the help you need on this page send an email to

1. My water supply is a hard/stiff pipe, what do I do?
If you have a stiff water supply hose you will need to swap it out for a flexible hose. This takes about 10 minutes and costs about $6. To be 100% sure of compatibility, check with your local hardware store. 

2. There's a leak at the T-adapter connection, how do I fix it?
Make sure the included FLAT black washer is in the T-adapter and screwed on perfectly level with a firm tightness. If there's still a leak your water inlet threads may be a little warn and a small amount of plumbers tape, picked up from your local hardware store can fix the issue.

3. My seat is flaring up in the front, what do I do?
About 5% of toilet seats have a quirky shape and don't lay flat after installation, but there's a fix! Just email us a picture or video highlighting your situation, the brand of toilet and toilet seat, and toilet shape (elongated or round) to and we will help you as fast as possible!




1. What is your return policy?
Undamaged products can be returned if requested within 60 days of the purchase date. We offer a one-way freight policy, wherein U.S. customers who pay a $15 shipping and handling fee per Whisper bidet are eligible for a return. After the order has been received and clears a thorough inspection a refund will be issued. The process takes 2-4 weeks after we have received the Whisper. Please note, returns received without the retail box or in a damaged retail box are subject to an additional $5 restocking fee. Additional fees apply if returned without all included parts.

If you're having trouble with your installation there is almost always a solution. Just let us know and we will provide you with step by step instructions to get Whisper installed on your toilet if you're having difficulties. Whisper attaches to the common 2-piece toilet right out of the box. As well as many 1-piece toilets. If you have a unique toilet send us a few pictures (or video) of the toilet, the seat, and the water connections so we can provide you with helpful instructions.

Please send your questions to and we will work with you to find a solution.


2. How do I initiate a return?

Please email the following information:

1. Please describe the state of the product and retail packaging: Has it been opened? Is the packaging damaged? Did you try installing it? (This helps us determine how to process the return—because Whisper is a personal hygiene product all opened units must be inspected and thoroughly sanitized.)

2. Do you have the brown shipping box it arrived in? If you do we can send you a shipping label (a $10 shipping/handling fee will be deducted from your refund) If you do not have the brown shipping box your Whisper arrived in you will need to purchase your own shipping label.

3. If you have any suggestions for improvement please let us know. We want all of our customers to be happy and your feedback helps us make improvements moving forward.


3. What is Whisper's warranty coverage?

All Whisper bidets are covered under the warranty stated below and we will promptly replace any defective parts.

Your Whisper was carefully tested before shipment by the manufacturer, which warrants this product to be free from defects, materials, and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.

This warranty excludes the following:

1. Replacement of discolored or used parts from chemicals used for cleaning or water discoloration.
2. Damage to or malfunction of the unit resulting from improper installation, negligence, misuse, abuse, or tampering by unauthorized repair personnel.
3. Under no circumstance is Whisper held liable for any loss or damage directly, consequentially, or incidentally arising out of the use of or inability to use this product.
4. Improper installation can result in plumbing breakage and water flooding in the bathroom or home. This product must be used at the owner’s risk. Therefore, upon purchase, the owner hereby releases the manufacturer and distributor from any and all claims for damage where the above conditions exist.
5. The owner hereby releases Whisper from any and all claims from the installation and misreading or misinterpretation of the installation instructions included.




1. Where does Whisper ship to?
Whisper offers shipping to U.S. addresses. And some international addresses.
2. How long does shipping take?
3-7 business days for standard domestic shipping. Alaska, Hawaii, and international addresses may take longer.
3. How much does shipping cost?
All U.S. addresses within the contiguous 48 states qualify for free standard shipping. Additional shipping rates apply for Alaska, Hawaii, and international orders.